How Cosmetic Dental Services Can Improve More Than Your Looks

man smiling after cosmetic dental services

Throughout life, many factors can lead to teeth that are chipped, discolored, or misaligned. Thankfully, cosmetic dental services exist so that people can address the imperfections that make them feel like they are less. Every smile has a story. But Dr. Mina Levi can rewrite yours when you choose cosmetic dental services at California Dental […]

MI Paste® for Teeth: What is it, and how can it improve your smile?

woman smiling after applying MI Paste for teeth

Are you experiencing tooth sensitivity or dry mouth? Do you have a tendency to develop cavities? If so, the answer to your oral health problems might be MI Paste®. At California Dental Innovations, Dr. Mina Levi prescribes MI Paste® to remineralize teeth and keep them healthy. Contact our San Francisco dental office today for more […]