Dental implants are restorations used to replace missing permanent teeth. Traditionally, dental implants have been made from titanium. Zirconia implants, which were released in 1987, are an alternative to titanium dental implants. Zirconia is a tooth-colored ceramic. In most cases, Zirconia implants are just once piece.

Dr. [doctor_name] is proud to provide Zirconia dental implants in [city], [state]. Zirconia implants are raising in popularity for a variety of reasons, including:

Traditional titanium implants sometimes have aesthetic issues. The gums may appear gray when the implant is placed. Since Zirconia is a white material, these implants can provide a more natural, beautiful look.

Zirconia implants are very durable and strong, so they can have long-term success. They are known for their great force resistance, superior strength and inflexibility when under pressure.

For those with allergies, titanium (metal) implants can be a big issue. With some individuals, the sensitivity may not manifest until years after implant placement. Sensitivity to metal can result in bone loss and dental implant failure. Zirconia dental implants are designed to be hypoallergenic, so allergies and sensitivity are not an issue.

Shorter Surgery
Zirconia dental implants are designed to be placed right after tooth extraction. This reduces the time it takes to place the dental implant and so maximizes patient comfort. This also means that there is a shorter recovery time for the patient.

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