Patient comfort is a top priority at our San Francisco dental practice. We understand that patients of all ages struggle with a fear of the dentist because of bad past experiences, listening to others’ horror stories, and even a fear of the sounds of a dental practice.

For many patients, the sounds and sensations of dental drills are a source of fear and anxiety. This can lead to avoiding the dental office and suffering from serious oral health problems. To combat this, Dr. Levi offers Icon technology. 

Icon is ideal for treating cavities in the early stages of development. The benefits of this modern technology over traditional dental drills include: 


When patients visit our San Francisco dental practice every six months, Dr. Levi can catch cavities in their earliest stages and treat them with the Icon Non-Drilling Technique. 

Instead of drilling and filling, she uses a special cleanser to prepare the tooth. Then, she applies a liquid infiltrant that contains a microparticle composite material. The liquid sets into the enamel and strengthens the damaged part of the tooth. 


No patients reported feeling any pain associated with Icon treatment during clinical trials. In fact, there is no need for local anesthesia during this process. 

It is likely that a patient will feel gentle pressure if he or she has a cavity between two teeth. In these instances, Dr. Levi uses a dental wedge to slightly separate the teeth. 

The entire process is much quicker than traditional fillings. Additionally, Icon can increase the lifespan of the infected tooth. 


Because Icon uses a special liquid that strengthens the infected tooth, dental crowns aren’t necessary to protect the tooth against further damage or infection. 


Besides using the latest technology, Dr. Levi focuses on building relationships with her patients, creating a welcoming environment, and being transparent about each patient’s oral health needs. 

Relationship building is the key to reducing dental fear and anxiety. When you visit our office, you can expect our team to ask questions about who you are, what you like, and how we can make your experience as comfortable as possible. Feel free to ask us as many questions as you need to! 

We create a welcoming environment by being warm and welcoming ourselves. Our office feels light and airy and is filled with lots of natural light and plants. Each dental chair faces a large window, so you have a beautiful view. 

Finally, you can trust that we will only recommend treatments that are necessary for your oral health or to meet your cosmetic goals. Dr. Levi will always be transparent about your needs while considering your budget and payment options. 

To experience comfortable dentistry in San Francisco, call (415) 513-5066 to schedule an initial consultation.