To reduce the likelihood of teeth grinding, try to reduce stress, quit bad habits like smoking or drinking too much alcohol, avoid caffeine in the afternoon, and use relaxation techniques before going to bed. 

For immediate relief, Dr. Levi recommends a custom night guard that will protect your teeth from damage. 


One-size-fits-all nightguards may protect your teeth from bruxism, but they won’t be comfortable. In fact, patients often complain about waking up throughout the night because of their uncomfortable store-bought nightguards. 

The key to protecting your teeth and getting a good night’s rest is a custom-made nightguard. A custom-made nightguard will comfortably and effectively protect your teeth from damage that leads to pain, sensitivity, and disease. 

Our San Francisco, CA dentist can create a comfortable custom nightguard, so you wake up feeling rested and ready for the day. She may also recommend other treatments like braces, dental crowns, or dental implants to reduce teeth grinding or restore teeth that have been destroyed by nightly teeth grinding. By correcting tooth loss or crooked teeth, bruxism can be eliminated. 

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