At our dental office, we are thrilled to utilize Icon®, which allows us to provide drill-free dentistry. Icon provides a non-invasive treatment for tooth decay white spots. This approach promotes the preservation of tooth structure for patients. This means that dental health can be improved in the long run.

Icon Treatment
Dr. [doctor_name] is able to treat early cavities while ensuring patient comfort and without removing healthy tooth enamel. When treating a cavity with Icon in [city], [state], our [dr_type] will first prepare the decayed tooth. A special gel is applied to the area. A special drying agent is then used to dry out the system of pores. The Icon material then penetrates the tooth decay, filling and sealing it. This stabilizes the tooth. In this way, Icon eliminates cavities before they can progress and potentially lead to infection or tooth loss.

Advantages of Icon
In addition to treating early decay, Icon has many additional benefits, including:

– Icon can cosmetically remove white spots in just one visit.
– Icon is more comfortable and less time consuming than treatment with a dental drill.
– Patients (including those who are non-compliant) can be treated earlier.
– The life expectancy of teeth are prolonged.
– Icon allows us to provide micro-invasive dentistry.
– Icon allows us to treat decay immediately so that they do not progress to the point where full dental restorations are needed.

We invite you to contact [practice_name] at [phone] today to learn more about drill-less dentistry and to schedule your next visit.