When it comes to dental innovations, technology is blazing the trail toward more precise and comprehensive oral care. That’s why the team at California Dental Innovations uses the best dental technology available on the market today.

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Advanced Dental Technology

At California Dental Innovations, we take great pride in finding and using the most advanced dental technology available to dentists. The technology that we use in our practice allows us to detect oral health issues earlier and more accurately. As a result, we can deliver the ultra-specialized care that our patients deserve.

The most modern and advanced dental innovations that Dr. Mina Levi and her team use every day include:

Intraoral Cameras

The human mouth is a relatively small and dark space, making it difficult for even highly-trained dentists to locate all areas of concern. Intraoral cameras, however, allow Dr. Mina Levi to easily and painlessly reach hard-to-see places in her patients’ mouths. 

Subsequently, Dr. Mina Levi can quickly find dental issues, such as cavities, dental damage, and gum disease. And because intraoral cameras make oral exams faster, patients spend less time in the dentist’s chair.

Digital X-Rays

In the past, dental professionals developed x-rays on film in a designated dark room. This was a lengthy process that delivered sub-par or hazy images. Today, however, dental professionals are using a more advanced imaging technology: digital x-rays.

Digital x-rays deliver quality pictures in a fraction of the time it takes to produce film-based images. Not only that, but digital x-rays display clearer images, emit up to 90% less radiation, and are more eco-friendly compared to traditional x-rays. 

iTero® and TRIOS Scanners

Traditionally, dental professionals used messy oral molds to make semi-accurate impressions of their patients’ mouths. Dentists would then use these impressions to craft ill-fitting oral appliances.

Today, iTero® scanners are one of many dental innovations that are improving the way dentists make oral appliances. Dr. Mina Levi uses an iTero® digital scanner to get extremely precise oral impressions. She can then use these digital impressions alongside iTero® 5D technology to fabricate perfectly-fitted appliances, like Invisalign® trays, retainers, and even dentures.

The TRIOS dental intraoral scanner makes creating an impression quick, convenient, comfortable, and better overall. 

Digital Smile Design

Getting an award-winning smile takes intricate planning. That’s why Dr. Mina Levi uses Digital Smile Design to measure, plan, and track each patient’s unique treatment protocol.

Digital Smile Design allows Dr. Mina Levi to consider a patient’s facial structures, dental composition, and overall aesthetic while planning their treatment. As a result, she and her team can deliver a smile that perfectly suits your style without sacrificing your oral health.

But, perhaps the best feature of Digital Smile Design is the software’s ability to show patients precisely how their smile will look after treatment. No more waiting months or years to see how Invisalign® treatments will impact your smile–Digital Smile Design can show you instantly!

3D Printing

3D Printing in dentistry offers several advantages. It is often used to remove oral devices, restorative dental treatments, surgical instruments, and dental models. The advantages of 3D printing in dentistry include: 

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