a woman sits in a dentist chair and happily awaits her drill-free dentistry

Are you one of the 20% of Americans who is afraid of the dentist? At California Dental Innovations, Dr. Mina Levi and her caring dental team believe that fear of the dentist shouldn’t keep patients from receiving stellar dental care. That’s why she offers comfortable and drill-free dentistry solutions.

The goal of comfort dentistry is to ensure that patients are relaxed both in the dentist’s chair and at home. In this article, we’ll discuss the many ways in which Dr. Levi reduces patient discomfort both in the office and at home. 

In-Office Drill-Free Dentistry

Dr. Levi prioritizes minimally-invasive, stress-free dentistry, which is why she offers the ICON® Non-Drilling Technique, the iTero Element® 5D scanner, and sedation dentistry.

Icon Drill-Free Dentistry Technique

Many patients dread the sound and sensation of dental drills. Luckily, Icon technology is revolutionizing “drill and fill” dentistry. Using the Icon drill-free technique, Dr. Levi can:

iTero Element 5D Scanner

The iTero element 5D scanner is an advanced, non-invasive intraoral scanner that inspects the internal structure of the teeth. This means that Dr. Levi can scan the inside of the teeth to detect cavities entirely without x-rays. Non-invasive cavity detection without harmful radiation makes iTero Element 5D scanner technology safe for children and pregnant women. 

Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Levi and her team want their patients to feel completely at ease during their visit. Therefore, California Dental Innovations offers a variety of sedation options, including oral medications, to help patients relax.

If you want to explore sedation dentistry, let Dr. Levi and her team know prior to your visit. They will gladly help you choose the best option for you.

At-Home Comfort Dentistry

Patients who struggle with teeth grinding (bruxism), snoring, and temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) don’t have to live with the pain. Here are just a few examples of how Dr. Levi helps her patients reduce discomfort at home:

Treating Bruxism

Teeth grinding puts upwards of 250 pounds of pressure on the teeth and jaw. Such an immense amount of pressure can cause:

Fortunately, Dr. Levi creates custom-made night guards to comfortably and effectively protect patients’ teeth from damage, sensitivity, and disease.

Treating Snoring

Snoring can be annoying for both patients and their family members, but it comes with other, more serious symptoms, including:

Dr. Levi offers patients an alternative to noisy and bulky continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines–custom oral appliances. Using custom oral appliances comfortably repositions the jaw to open the airway and reduce snoring. 

Treating TMD

TMD can occur for many reasons, such as:

There are several ways to treat TMD, but diagnosing the cause of the disorder is the best way to treat it. Dr. Levi thoroughly examines patients with TMD pain in order to create a personalized treatment plan. Depending on each patient’s specific needs, Dr. Levi may suggest:

Drill-free Dentistry in San Francisco, CA

Whether you’re looking for drill-free dentistry or custom night guards, California Dental Innovations has everything you need for a comfortable dental experience. Schedule your visit today by calling (415) 513-5066 or booking an appointment online