What helps TMJ pain?

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woman holding her face wondering what helps TMJ pain If you’ve ever suffered from TMJ discomfort, you probably understand that it can be quite excruciating and might wonder what helps TMJ pain. TMJ disorder is complicated, so the discomfort associated manifests differently for everyone—from a sudden sting to a dull throbbing that rarely goes away.  The good news is... Read more »

Can Invisalign® Fix TMJ Disorder?

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woman smiling and holding Invisalign tray The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research estimates that as many as 10 million Americans suffer from TMJ disorders. TMJ disorder is a complex problem that negatively influences the jaw and causes a ripple effect throughout the body. Although the best way to address TMJ disorder varies from person... Read more »

How to Care For Teeth After Professional Teeth Whitening

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Before and after a professional teeth whitening with a san francisco cosmetic dentist With over half of Americans reportedly dissatisfied with their smiles, it’s no wonder that professional teeth whitening is so popular. However, keeping your pearly whites brilliant and healthy requires some aftercare and maintenance.   At California Dental Innovations, our San Francisco cosmetic dentist, Dr. Mina Levi, prioritizes your oral health... Read more »

Q&A About Invisalign

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A woman puts a clear aligner on her top teeth after having learned about Invisalign facts. If you want to straighten your smile, then you’ll need to consider which orthodontic treatment is best for you. So, asking questions and gathering information (like Invisalign facts!) is the best place to start. As a Master of the American Academy of Clear Aligners (AACA), Dr. Mina Levi of California... Read more »