Let’s face it, even adults get scared of the dentist. As of 2020, 75% of people over 18 were afraid of visiting the dentist, with pain being the number one cause of that fear. But what if dental pain was no longer a part of the equation? Icon® dental treatment is a non-drilling, pain-free dental filling strategy for treating cavities early. By strengthening and remineralizing tooth enamel, Icon prevents the need for traditional fillings. 

Dr. Mina Levi is dedicated to providing patients with a calm and compassionate dental experience. Our clinical philosophy is to preserve your natural tooth structure as much as possible while being minimally invasive, and Icon treatment is an innovative way to fulfill that goal while healing and protecting your smile.

1) What is Icon treatment?

Icon offers dentists and patients the option of a no-drill dental filling technique for reinforcing demineralized enamel. This approach treats incipient caries by using a liquid microparticle composite material to infiltrate and strengthen damaged enamel. A few benefits of Icon treatment are:

2) Is it permanent?

The fluid infiltrant used in Icon treatment is absorbed by the enamel and permanently fills in defects and prevents further tooth decay. This also makes full restoration unnecessary and eliminates the need for a dental crown by strengthening the structure of your tooth.

3) Is it painful?

If there is a cavity between two teeth, it may be necessary for a dental wedge to be used to separate the teeth slightly. This may cause some pressure, but the Icon procedure is a completely pain-free dental filling, making it an important part of our mission to provide our patients with relaxing comfort dentistry.

4) How much does Icon treatment cost?

The price of Icon dental treatment is ultimately determined by your dentist. At California Dental Innovations, we have several financing options available to make sure you have access to the care you need.

5) What happens during the Icon Dental Procedure?

The Icon Dental Procedure is quicker and easier than traditional fillings. Dr. Mina Levi will start by preparing the infected tooth with a special cleanser. Next, she’ll apply the liquid infiltrant which sets into the enamel and strengthens the decayed part of the tooth. 

Since this procedure is pain-free, there is no need for any anesthesia. Icon treatment increases the lifespan of your teeth by remineralizing damaged enamel. 

Only one visit is necessary for Icon treatment, so after the procedure is over you’ll be set for good!

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If you’re looking for an anxiety-free way to take care of your teeth, Dr. Mina Levi in San Francisco, CA ensures the solace of her patients by building relationships and offering the latest in comfort dentistry. These no-drill, pain-free dental fillings really are a game-changer. 

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