Are you feeling pain in 1 of these 4 areas? Here’s the sneaky reason why.

man with neck and TMJ pain

The TMJ is a tiny joint that can induce big pain. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) sits right behind a central facial nerve, the focal point of a network of nerves that cross and connect throughout the face, head, and neck. So, when the TMJ is overstimulated, discomfort can trickle through the muscles in the mouth, […]

5 FAQs About the Icon® Dental Technique

graphic of tooth with words drilling? no thanks!

Let’s face it, even adults get scared of the dentist. As of 2020, 75% of people over 18 were afraid of visiting the dentist, with pain being the number one cause of that fear. But what if dental pain was no longer a part of the equation? Icon® dental treatment is a non-drilling, pain-free dental […]