What helps TMJ pain?

woman holding her face wondering what helps TMJ pain

If you’ve ever suffered from TMJ discomfort, you probably understand that it can be quite excruciating and might wonder what helps TMJ pain. TMJ disorder is complicated, so the discomfort associated manifests differently for everyone—from a sudden sting to a dull throbbing that rarely goes away.  The good news is that antagonizing TMJ pain can […]

Are you feeling pain in 1 of these 4 areas? Here’s the sneaky reason why.

man with neck and TMJ pain

The TMJ is a tiny joint that can induce big pain. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) sits right behind a central facial nerve, the focal point of a network of nerves that cross and connect throughout the face, head, and neck. So, when the TMJ is overstimulated, discomfort can trickle through the muscles in the mouth, […]

5 FAQs About the Icon® Dental Technique

graphic of tooth with words drilling? no thanks!

Let’s face it, even adults get scared of the dentist. As of 2020, 75% of people over 18 were afraid of visiting the dentist, with pain being the number one cause of that fear. But what if dental pain was no longer a part of the equation? Icon® dental treatment is a non-drilling, pain-free dental […]

TMJ Disorder Symptoms & When to Seek Treatment

A 3D rendering of a human skull demonstrating the temporomandibular joint and the importance of TMJ disorder treatment.

Does your jaw pop or click when you’re talking, yawning, or eating? Do you experience persistent jaw pain or headaches? Then, you might be suffering from a temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. But, comfort dentistry can help treat a bothersome TMJ disorder (TMD). At California Dental Innovations, our San Francisco, CA, dentist, Dr. Mina Levi, has […]

How We Reduce Patient Discomfort: Drill-Free Dentistry & More

Are you one of the 20% of Americans who is afraid of the dentist? At California Dental Innovations, Dr. Mina Levi and her caring dental team believe that fear of the dentist shouldn’t keep patients from receiving stellar dental care. That’s why she offers comfortable and drill-free dentistry solutions. The goal of comfort dentistry is […]

The Benefits of the Icon® Non-Drilling Technique

Approximately 36% of the population suffers from dental anxiety. If you have ever had a cavity drilled and filled, then you know the fear and discomfort that can come with the treatment. Maybe this fear even leads you to avoid the dentist altogether. At California Dental Innovations, we are proud to offer our patients a […]

Experience Drill-Less Dentistry With Icon®

At our dental office, we are thrilled to utilize Icon®, which allows us to provide drill-free dentistry. Icon provides a non-invasive treatment for tooth decay white spots. This approach promotes the preservation of tooth structure for patients. This means that dental health can be improved in the long run. Icon Treatment Dr. [doctor_name] is able […]